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How To Remove  Mold from Walls

Remove mold from walls
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Molds can hamper the quality and growth of the plants in the garden. It can damage the roots, stems, and flowers of your lovely garden. in this article we going to share some easy hacks which will you to remove molds from wall garden.

Below we discussed some of the budget-friendly easy options to get rid of mold.

Remove Mold form Bleach:

Bleach powder

Walls with no paint applied and white ones are quite easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about the paint and if it gets removed. So, mold growth will not affect your walls much.

⦁ Just take a spray bottle and pour the bleaching powder. 

⦁ Add water bit by bit to it until it gets completely mixed. 

⦁ Shake the solution thoroughly.

⦁ Spray to the portions where you can see the mold growth.

⦁ Keep it as it is for 30-40 minutes.

⦁ Wipe it with a dry cloth.

Bleach is effective in killing the mold spores, killing them at their initial stage. It is quite cheap and an effective solution to get rid of mold.

Removal of mold from painted walls is not very easy. Often there is a chance of fading of color or appearance of cracks in the paint coating. You can see mainly white molds growing on the wall, but sometimes, due to severe dampness, black molds also grow. Don’t worry, you can get rid of the mold naturally. You just need these three ingredients:

⦁ 4 Cups of Hot Water

⦁ 1/2 Cup of Raw Vinegar

⦁ A cup of Boric Acid

The ingredients which we are taking are very much effective in action. Vinegar is an acid, though not very strong, but effective against almost every species of the mold, that is common for a garden, especially black molds. Boric Acid kills or inhibits the growth of mold due to its antimicrobial properties. Hot water is advisable for the effective mixing of all the compounds.

Take the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on the wall. Wipe it immediately. If still the molds remain, then spray and leave for 15 minutes, then wipe it off. Since all the ingredients are natural, it is safe for children.

Removing severe black mold growth is a tedious job, as it is quite sticky and has a hard coating. Neither it gets removed, nor it gets killed. Apart from using vinegar and boric acid together, or hydrogen peroxide, there are two other natural ways to eliminate it.

Tea Tree Oil

An essential oil that is present in various medicinal products and other cosmetics, due to its antiseptic property. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which is effective in killing the black mold on the walls of a nursery. The active ingredients present in it are 30% terpinen-4-ol and 15% cineole. The preparation is done as follows:

⦁ Pour 2 cups of water in a spraying bottle.

⦁ Add 2 tbsp of tea tree oil in it.

⦁ Shake for a couple of minutes.

⦁ Spray on the affected areas and leave for 40 minutes.

⦁ Wipe off with a dry cloth if there is any mold visible in the area.

Some Important Things To Consider While Getting Rid of Mold

Wear rubber gloves to hold natural or chemical ingredients. Don’t open, unless you clean the wall. Bleaching powder and tea tree oil are not advisable to come in contact with the skin.

Do not paint on walls covered with mold. After a few weeks, the mold will start to appear, and will not disappear after repetitive cleaning. Paint your wall after the complete removal of existing molds.

So, after reading this article you have got a clear idea of buying low maintenance plants and opting for sustainable options, like rainwater harvesting and making manure from the waste. Apart from these budget-friendly options, other options like buying second-hand tools and organic and cheap methods to get rid of mold can be a boon.

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