remove water stain from wood

How To Remove Water Stains From Wood

How To Remove Water Stains From Wood:

Just imagine, you are organizing a beautiful party at your home. All the guests, friends have just started to enjoy the beautiful evening. You are surrounded by friends, the clink of glasses, and a buzz of conversation. And then, there is the worst thing that happened at your party. Everything Is going perfectly fine till you experience some water drops dotting your wooden table.

remove water stain from wood

You might think that the dirty spots will disappear fast just like all the dirty glass. But here, things are completely different.

You may remove the stains of water glasses but not the stains of your table. It doesn’t look easy as it seems to be. White stains on wooden furniture absorb the moisture into the top layer of wood finish. There are cent per cent chances of stains that cause damage to your wood.

Firstly, we need to understand what the watermarks are and how we can prevent them from damaging the wooden furniture.

Water stains are something that can permanently damage your wooden furniture. This is because the white water stains moist the furniture that can be harmful to your furniture. They can faint your furniture. Your furniture may lose their lustrous shine and therefore it is necessary to remove these stains immediately from your wooden furniture.

Well, you don’t need to feel panic when a steaming cup of tea, hard water and some other liquids leaves a watermark on your wooden furniture. You can easily bring the wooden piece back to its original condition.

In such cases, you need to use some effective methods to remove water stains on wood.

Here, we are going to show you some tried and true methods for removing water stains on wood.

Hair Dryer

Many things may not work out but sometimes a hairdryer can. Adjust your hairdryer setting at its lowest and direct it at the water ring. Move the hairdryer around the surfaces where water stains are high. You may experience that water stains start fading.


Surprisingly, mayonnaise is very helpful in removing stains from wood. All you need to do is apply mayonnaise with a soft cloth and rub it on the mark. For better results, rub mayonnaise in a circular motion for 5 to 10 minutes.

Tooth Paste

With toothpaste, you can easily remove water based wood stains. Take a soft cloth, gently rub some non-gel toothpaste over the watermark stains, wait for 5 minutes.

If water stains are so hard, mix toothpaste with baking soda, apply it all over the stains and see the results.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an active ingredient that can perfectly remove white wood stains. Just make a fine paste of 1 tbsp baking soda with 1 tbsp water. Gently rub the mixture all over the surface until the stains disappear. Remember not to use excess water to remove water stains.


Make a paste of 1 tbsp salt with a few drops of water. Gently rub the fine paste on the circular stains, and rub it over the spots till it disappears.


To remove white wood stains left by wet glasses, mix vinegar with equal parts of olive oil and rub it over the affected area. Remove the vinegar-olive oil mixture with a soft cotton cloth to get white stains off from stain wood.

How To Get Rid Of White Water Stains On Wood

1. Identify the water stain

It is important to identify the color of these stains because they will tell you how to treat them.
Remember, stains are of three types: white water stains, brown stains, and black stains.

White Stains

White stains are light colored marks of circular rings that are caused by hot plates, cold glasses, mugs. In most of the cases, stains are caused by water whether it is in the form of condensed moisture or steam( hot). This water is absorbed into the wooden furniture and leaves its marks.

Dark Stains

Dark stains or brown stains are caused by water which has completely reached the wood’s inner surface so a quick fix is not possible in such cases.

Light Stains

Light stains can be easily removed if exposed to heat and pressure. For complete removal of light stains, you all need an electric iron with a non-abrasive cloth.

Set the iron at its lowest heat level, lay the cloth across the stained area. Next, you need to move warm iron over the fabric making sure you move it in the same direction.

Remove the cloth to check whether any stains are left or not. If there are any stains left, again repeat the whole process. You will notice that wood’s finish starts to release water moisture which is the cause of watermark.

How to maintain your wood furniture regularly?

After successfully removing water stain marks, wooden furniture needs regular clean up to stay looking their best. For that, you need to dust to do dusting with a soft, dry cloth.

Another crucial way to remove dust is to rub your wooden surface with citrus oil. These oils are specially designed to prevent the wood from drying out and it adds shine to your furniture.

Note: Use these oil carefully as excessive amounts of oil will cause unwanted dirt, dust on the wooden furniture.


There are numerous methods to remove black stained wood from your furniture. This also depends on how thick or thin your furniture is and from what substance it was created?

In such cases, you may need to visit a furniture expert who can use the best methods for removing stains such as restaining.

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